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Monday-Thursday 08:00 AM to 5:30 PM for all chiropractic visits, DOT physicals, drug testing, and alcohol screens

We work until the needs of our last patient for the day have been met. We sometimes go to lunch from about 12:30 till 2 o'clock. We do physicals (DOT, pre-employment) during the same hours the clinic is open Monday-Thursday, but call to be sure Dr. Hayden is in clinic when you need your exam done.


branding-tsfl-colorIt Is Better to Foster Health Than to Treat Illness

When I worked in critical care nursing, I had little concept of wellness, nor much reason to stop and think about it. For one thing, I was young and indestructible at the time, and felt the invulnerability that comes from youthful energy and strength. Second, I made my living at the time in disease care, where the emphasis was on life-saving interventions. Wellness was something to be considered after rehabilitation.

Our practice is very different today due to a personal epiphany that hit me when I lost some weight a couple of years ago, leading to feeling much less back pain (how ironic, right?), feeling more energetic, and having improved lab work (lower cholesterol, triglicerides). I was able to discontinue my antihypertensive pills and my cholesterol busters. It occurred to me that if I could do that for myself, I needed to incorporate this into the practice so that our patients could not only get out of pain, but achieve true health.

I went on a quest for a wellness program that would do what I wanted for our patients. My list of criteria went like this:

1. It had to be effective, and supported by relevant research.

2. I did not want to stock products or sell things.

3. It needed to fit with my personal style of interacting with patients.

During the search, I met Dr. Mark Nelson, a cardiologist from New York. He was working with Take Shape for Life, which turned out to be the wellness program I was seeking. This program allows me to be a Health Coach, teaching, mentoring, and encouraging our patients along the process. This program is well supported by research that validates its effectiveness. And, I don't have to sell anything--success sells itself.

We began using the program in early 2011. Our results so far? I have seen people who were hopeless achieve joy. I have seen some very sick people acquire health. I have seen Type II diabetics and hypertensives attain freedom from these diseases. I have seen depression and despair give way to hope and confidence.

Call us today about our Take Shape for Life Program.When you are ready to be healthy, we are here to help you.Whatever your starting point is, it is not too late.

Robert Hayden, DC, PhD, FICC

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