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What’s next? Health Care Re-Reform What Hillary Wants

Robert Hayden, DC, PhD, FICC

We’re still talking about what health care will look like in the future. It has been a tumultuous few years since the Democrat party alone forced Obama care on America. Now citizens are legally forced to buy expensive insurance policies that they cannot use and that do not cover what they need.

The American Socialist Party, now called the Progressive Caucus, includes two members of the Georgia congressional delegation. I spoke a “Progressive” Congressman in his office in Washington on a recent lobbying trip. I pointed out that people in Spalding County cannot afford Obama care policies, but even if they could, they would be useless because no one can afford the deductible that is required upfront. His health-care aide quickly chimed in: “If people can’t afford high deductibles, all they have to do is buy in to the platinum level where the deductible is lower.” I do not remember ever being in the presence of people so out of touch with what is going on.

Obama said when he ran for office the first time that his goal was a single payer system like that of Canada, England, for Germany, all bankrupt.  He stated that he wanted to put the private health care industry out of business in favor of universal coverage. Obama care was a compromise, a step toward the goal of full socialism in healthcare.

Of course, Obama care is not, to use one of Obama’s buzzwords, “sustainable.” No actuarial magic can make this financially viable, so it will collapse on its own weight. There simply are not enough producing people to rob of their earnings to give away all of the healthcare, Obama phones, free Internet, etc. that sustains Obama’s Democrat party in power. So, what is next?

We now have two political parties with one candidate who has clearly won the nomination for the presidency. Many are rallying reluctantly to his support because he is not the other candidate. And speaking of the devil, the candidate for the other party is battling a senior Socialist and the FBI to win the nomination of her party. Her criminality is receiving some national attention as we wait with bated breath to see if justice still lives.

Meanwhile, it might be instructive to look at the two platforms to gain some insight into what direction healthcare might take depending on the outcome of the next presidential election. Because it will require a significant amount of space, I will address one candidate now and the next in the following issue of The GRIP.  By the way---don’t look for political correctness from this or from me.  It’s just not in me to be dishonest by using prettier descriptors to hide the truth.

Hillary Clinton, if elected, pending all of the criminal investigations surrounding her, will protect the Affordable Care Act ACA)/Obama care and expand it. She would like to use incentives (force) to encourage states like Georgia that declined to expand Medicaid to do so. 

Under ObamaCare states were promised by the federal government a 100% match for Medicaid expenditures for the first three years if they expanded their program under the ACA.  Imagine this: the federal government passes a law that forces you to buy a car that is very expensive and beyond what you can afford. You are given assurance that the government will help you pay the notes for the first three years, after which you are on your own. Unfortunately for you, you cannot sell the car, give it away, or get out from the crushing burden of the note ever. Tragically, the size of that note will grow over time. That is what the deal wise to the states and why so many states opted out of expanding Medicaid.  Now, to return to Hillary’s plan…

She wants to make premiums more affordable. She does not fully explain how that will happen, but she does plan to offer tax incentives with $5000 tax credits.  She also plans to force insurance companies to allow up to three “sick visits” per year per person without having to apply the cost toward the deductible. Sick people should not have to pay out-of-pocket just for getting ill, she reasons.

She plans to make extensive use of the Navigators to expand ACA enrollment. 

Remember the Navigators?  The Department of Health and Human Services gave $67 million of your tax money to the NAACP, Planned Parenthood, and union locals to collect data for Obama care enrollment. Even the University of Georgia participated in this program.  Although the Navigators were hired to enroll people into Obama care, another part of their duty included voter registration for the Democrat party. Yes, your tax dollars went to a partisan effort to reinforce and undergird a political party for the transformation of healthcare for the private sector to government control.  Hillary plans $500 million per year to support her Navigators, who will in turn support the ACA and the Democrat party. 

Hillary vows to strengthen Obama care by allowing and encouraging everyone to participate “regardless of their immigration status.” While one of the promises made in Obama care is that it would be restricted to American citizens, there are currently reports of 1.3 million illegal aliens on Obama care now. Hillary Clinton will expand that, presumably with taxpayer funded subsidies.

Hillary plans significant pressure on drug companies to lower the cost of medications. Any drug company that benefits from taxpayer support will be required to redirect investment from marketing to research. Importation of drugs from foreign countries will be encouraged to force American companies to be competitive. Unfortunately, those American companies are government regulated for quality standards not found in those foreign countries, so the competition will not be level.

Hillary will defend and protect Planned Parenthood and likely increase the level of taxpayer support for all services performed, including abortions and occasional breast exams.  The illegal activity of selling body parts will have complete amnesty under Hillary’s administration.

All of Hillary’s plans for healthcare will be predicated upon Democrat control of Congress. If she wins by a large enough margin to overturn the House of Representatives and the Senate (“coat tails”), she will not be restricted in what she can accomplish.  Otherwise, she will be restricted to the usurpation of power utilized by her predecessor, the executive order.

I wish I had more space, for there is much more to discuss. In the next issue, I will talk about the other side, which also has troublesome parts. 

There has never been a time in American history when it is more important to stay healthy with good nutrition and regular exercise so that you have no need of what the American health care system is becoming.