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We work until the needs of our last patient for the day have been met. We sometimes go to lunch from about 12:30 till 2 o'clock. We do physicals (DOT, pre-employment) during the same hours the clinic is open Monday-Thursday, but call to be sure Dr. Hayden is in clinic when you need your exam done.

Educational News Blog

We recommend educating yourself as much as possible about your health and wellness. Here are a few articles written by Robert A. Hayden, DC, PhD, FICC. But by all means continue your education beyond what you find here.

Is the Weather Worsening Your Back Pain?

Chiropractor Robert Hayden demystifies the subject and provides 6 ways to help keep weather-related back pain at bay.

Written by Kelly Rehan

Grandma could predict an approaching storm when her joints ached, and she might have been onto something. Similarly, people with chronic back pain may notice a change in how they feel as the seasons change or weather shifts. But the connection between weather and spine pain isn’t well defined, and several reasons play into why a person might feel pain based on where they live or the season.

“I don’t see a lot of research about how weather affects specific spinal conditions because it is so multi-factorial,” said Robert Hayden, DC, PhD, FICC, a spokesperson for the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) and chiropractor in Griffin, GA. “But I’ve advised patients semi-jokingly after they’ve broken an ankle that they will be able to predict weather and amaze friends.”

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Take Care of Those Knees

Robert Hayden, DC, PhD, FICC

Your knees are marvelous living instruments for motion. They are designed to last you a lifetime, and they probably will with a little care.

This comes up now because we have seen a number of knee injuries recently. They are sometimes easy to treat and recover quickly. Others need more intervention. Here are some typical issues.

Believe it or not, falling arches in the foot affect the knees profoundly. If you don’t see that immediately, try this: stand up and shift your weight to the insides of your feet. Stand like that for a few moments. Note the fact that your knees are bowed inward. Do you feel the burning on the inside of the knees yet?

This is called pronation, and it is typical of falling arches. Walking day in and day out with the foot in pronation causes significant wear and tear for some of the cartilage that cushions the knee. If this has been happening for a while, it shows up on x-ray as the cartilage on the inside of the knee thins. Many times we can improve this by addressing the arches with custom orthotics.

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Leaf Well Enough Alone

Robert A. Hayden, DC, PhD, FICC

Climate change is real, and it is already upon us. We call it “Fall,” of course, the first day of which has officially happened. Since it is still near 90 degrees outside, you may not have noticed.

Soon, however, actual climate change will be here indeed with cooler, crispy morning air. The leaves will turn exciting colors and begin to fall in larger numbers. Christmas items will appear in many stores before October is here. And, of course, Alabama will remain undefeated. These are signs that Fall has come around again.

As leaves cover and decorate our lawns, many of us will feel honor-bound to do something about it. I once gave this some serious thought as leaves covered our own grass at home. My thinking encompassed some theology as well as botany. It went like this: only God can make a tree; trees make leaves; leaves are jettisoned by the trees when the time is right. Gravity and wind, also under control of an omnipotent God, determine the ultimate placement of those leaves.   Thus, God Himself put those leaves on the ground. And who am I to thwart His purpose?

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No One’s Talking About This Hidden Danger At The Hair Salon

Patricia Shannon

We've heard about gross items on restaurant tables and germs on planes, but apparently there’s one more danger lurking where you'd least expect it.

According to Dr. Robert Hayden, Georgia spokesperson for the American Chiropractic Association, injuries sustained while at the hair salon are rare, but can be serious if not life threatening. It seems the culprit is the design of shampoo bowls, which could be to blame for more than just a few minutes of discomfort.

From Southern Living 

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Balancing Bent Twigs

Robert Hayden, DC, PhD, FICC

Someone said, “As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.” Well, I think someone said that.   If no one said it, consider it said now because it’s clever. It also has much to do with human bodies.

You’d be surprised how many folks I see have tilts in the pelvis. This causes curves in the spine and increases the work required to move around and walk. Eventually there is wear and tear on the spine and other structures that cause pain and problems.  

I’d like to intervene before that cascade of events if possible, but people do not always know they have the issue. I have seen adults who have no idea they have scoliosis, and are surprised to know how much it impacts health.

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