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Clinic Hours: 8:30 AM until the needs of our last patient for the day have been met. We take lunch from about 12:30 till 2 o'clock.
Drug screens: 9:00-3:00pm Monday - Thursday and 9:00-2:00pm on Friday for drug screen collections.
Physicals:  We do physicals (DOT, pre-employment) during the same hours the clinic is open, but call to be sure Dr. Hayden is in clinic when you need your exam done.

Educational News Blog

We recommend educating yourself as much as possible about your health and wellness. Here are a few articles written by Robert A. Hayden, DC, PhD, FICC. But by all means continue your education beyond what you find here.

What is Going to Happen to my Insurance Rates?

Question: I thought the President said that we could keep our current insurance plan and our current doctor, and that rates would fall as insurance became more affordable. Now I am reading that due to Obamacare, none of that is true, and my rates are going to be much higher. Why is all this happening? What happened to all the "reform?"

I hear this question pretty much daily. It is troubling, indeed.

Insurance theory might be trace to Chinese traders around 3,000 BC. They insured themselves against loss by literally spreading risk. A large load of goods for trading might be loaded onto multiple ships for transit so that the loss of any one ship would not be catastrophic or total. Thus, managing risk means spreading it so that it is borne by many.

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Arthritis: Keeping Your Wheels Turning

Question: My doctor said I probably have rheumatoid arthritis, so I should just get accustomed to the pain, take my medications, and work through it. What do you think?

Unfortunately, some healthcare providers label anything that is painful as "arthritis." The word has virtually lost its meaning as a result. If you were told you had rheumatoid arthritis, I am going to assume for this discussion that you had lab work for verification of the diagnosis.

Rheumatic diseases include more than 100 conditions, including doubt, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and others. Rheumatoid arthritis is one of the rheumatic diseases that affects about 1% of the population, or nearly 3,000,000 people. It often begins in middle age and is more frequent in older generations, but young people and children can also suffer from it.

What distinguishes rheumatoid arthritis from other arthritic conditions? The joints are tender, warm, and swollen. You may experience fatigue, sometimes with fever, associated with just feeling lousy. The pain and stiffness may last for more than 30 minutes after a long rest. The wrist and finger joints closest to the hand are the ones most affected. Your neck, shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, ankles, and feet can also be affected. This condition is symmetrical, so if you have it in one hand, you will have it in the other as well.

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Omega-3 and Prostate Cancer: Something Is Fishy

"For every PhD, there is an equal and opposite PhD." – Wilson's law

There was a recent folderol in the news about a study supposedly linking the use of omega-3 fatty acids and prostate cancer. It attracted my attention because I have recently written about the use of omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oils in decreasing and controlling cholesterol (see my patient education blog, Many studies have found these nutrients more efficient than cholesterol busting drugs, and certainly they are much safer.

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Seizing Zs

We have all been there: tossing and turning through the night, solving all of the world's problems except your own, and watching some digital clock tell you how close you are to having to get up and start the day physically wrecked. There are even times when I have had an epiphany about some problem that I have tried to solve, but mostly I watch the time pass by checking my iPhone periodically.

Many of us lead fast-paced lives. We have responsibilities at work, in the family, with friends, at church, in professional associations, at school, etc. Hours are long, but we push ourselves because we are goal oriented and deeply afraid of failure or missing a deadline. Stress management is something other people do who have more time on their hands than we do.

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Is Your Yard Work a Pain in the...

The weather is warm and the rain is plentiful. People are tending yards and gardens feverishly as the grass and plants grow as fast as we can care for them. Along with this bending, twisting, lifting, sweating, gripping, pulling, etc., come the aches and pains of wear and tear on the gardener's body. It is noteworthy that the green thumb is attached to back, arm, and leg muscles.

Gardening is fun and rewarding , however, and as your chiropractor, I need to find ways to keep you doing what excites you. My philosophy here is "happy = healthy." So, here are some tips:

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Conquering Type II Diabetes?

This week's work has included sixty-six Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals. One of those necessitated some research and discussion that I think worthy of sharing here.

Drivers of commercial vehicles (large trucks, buses with more than thirty-five seats) must pass a basic physical exam to ascertain a minimal degree of health at regular intervals. The presence of diabetes is an important factor in determining a driver's fitness to drive.

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